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Losing The Greatest Love

As Americans we grown up with  "American Idols" We learn to look up to and honor celebrities and become too invested in their lives. People look to idols too much, when we should be looking to ourselves, and become invested in the excellency and glory of our own lives. We hold celebrities up to such a standard that they become apart of our lives and apart of our dreams. We relate to them, so they become as relatives. So rightfully when they die, apart of us dies.

America as a culture has a united consciousness So as heavily as we admire celebrities, you can imagine the feeling of mourning and grief in the consciousness when one of them dies. Some have God, but imagine the people who don't. When people get  to heavily invested in the life of another instead of their own It can cause them to lose their own life and authenticity in the grief. "Miss National Anthem" Whitney Houston was a part of American Heritage and the American consciousness, but she also was a superstar who manifested the glory of her own life.

We should invest in the betterment of ourselves and "find our strength in love". She will forever be apart of us, because she was apart of America. Losing someone is always hard and yes life goes on and it always will, but it's up to us to make our lives work. That comes with realizing that you are the purposed dream of God. As Americans we should get out of the habit of heavily venerating celebrities and get back putting the main idol first; In God we trust. When we invest in the lives of the superstars apart from ourselves we have already lost all authenticity and "The Greatest Love of All". It is up to us to determine the voice we "Look to" and connect with the dream He has within us.

Listen to the message and watch the storyline at the end as Whitney connects with the dream:

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