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Death Trending: The Fallacy Of The American Idol

Is it just me, or does it seems like death is the hottest new celebrity trend? So many celebrities are dying young. The fact that most of these deaths are not even health related is a sad reflection of the operating American dysfunction. Media and popular culture has become built on raising idols, We should waste no time talking about great souls and how they should be, we should become one ourselves. If we spent less time venerating celebrities and focus on lifting the excellence and quality of ourselves, we would have a more progressive America in every sect, not just entertainment.

Celebrities are often held at too high of a regard. raising up the standard of greatness within ourselves is more valuable. While we can look up to celebs as examples, it doesn't work to make them idols because no matter who they are, they are not immortal. The call and need for a purposed, knowledgeable, disciplined life escapes no one. Americans should release the hardcore mentality of escapism and creatively build in the success of reality. Reality TV shows don't count! There has been a substantial rise in the popularity of TV talent shows,  more derivative of the aptly titled "American Idol".  While the name is catchy, It's defeating to regard human beings as idols. In the manner of  escapism with media and entertainment in America, we deviate more from the name of true idol that the forefathers established the country around. The guiding force that drives all creation.

It is up to us to develop the glory of this power and creation within our own authenticity. Recognition is nice, and we should celebrate the success of others indeed, but keep the true purpose of prosperity and influence in mind. It's appropriate that there is a month; Black History Month to celebrate and recognize those great individuals that made an impact but we have the ability to rise up to the standard and make our own impact. We shouldn't be so invested in celebrity lives that when they die we are dismayed, because they too are real life people, with real life issues. We have our own life to live and we are accountable for it's purpose.

Putting celebrities or any person up on too high of a pedestal will always prove to be a major fail. We we're dimly aware of the trials that Don, Micheal, or Amy for example faced. But what really matters, is the power we use to engage in getting over our own demons, and creating our own success stories. With the introduction from pioneers like Oprah Winfrey, new age spiritual enlightenment and success principles are on the rise. We have the ability to set for ourselves a new life story, with detailed methods of achieving rags -to -riches scenarios, and strategic,effective plans of personal wellness. In this time of  grief, with upheaval in the economy, turmoil in education, and the premature loss of great entertainers, which is such a dire reflection of the overall deficit within the culture. We should stop adhering to the celebrity and begin to hold fast to the message: We develop and know our own strength when we start by looking at "The Man In The Mirror", It is then that we can truly acknowledge "The Greatest Love Of All" and contribute to the success of a better world.

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