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The Vanity Complex

Too often we try to look good in front of others. We want our reputation or appearance to be the standards of the world. We wanna look good at all times and put a lot of focus on it, maybe too much. Trying to look good is so useless, if you're not accomplishing anything. When we have a mandate, a mission, and a cause over our lives whats important is if we are fulfilling it with excellence. We are who we are for a reason, we have the look we have for a reason, Being ashamed of it because it doesn't fit the standards of the world and not using the gifts we have is like the worst sin. Also, having too much vanity and pride is not good. What counts is not just the "Beauty on the inside" It's what you do with the beauty on the inside; Life.

The Glory inside of our souls is in doing what GOD called us to do. Too many times Ive been worshipping in church and had my fair share of tears overflowing and snot running. It was not pretty. Now of course this is inappropriate and I should be more careful. But losing ourselves is a vital part of Christiandom. Losing ourselves and letting go in the presence of GOD is what brings dreams, life and purpose into fruition. Become a new man, with a new story and pick up the love of Christ. worrying about what other people think or how we look is the most detrimental thing we can do, to not only the will, but the favor of GOD over our lives which comes along with fulfilling the will. We should put less emphasis on trying to look good and more on are we effectively doing the will of GOD.

I'm not saying have bad hygiene or don't esteem yourself by all means do, because if you don't you'll do more offending than witnessing, but what I'm saying is instead of worrying about what others will do, say, or think regarding us, we should obey and trust GOD, its the only way will ever get anything great accomplished. Vanity is good, but it's not good to get too caught up in it so much that we can't worship GOD right or fulfill our purpose. Who cares if you look good, are you doing good? We should stop worrying about how we look on the outside and get to the business of what GOD called us to do with no fear or reservation.


  1. Whoo, I hear messages like yours and get boosted up and ready to take over the world but a few moments later I cower in fear. We truly must get over ourselves, fear, reservation, and hesitation because we all have to give an account when we see GOD face to face. The Parable of the talents come to mind. God has given us power, gifts(talents if you will). What are we going to tell him we did with them?
    God Bless you sis. Keep writing!

  2. Yep. You said a mouthful right there. I know a young guy in his early 20's from out of town. He's trying so hard to fit in, no one will ever know who he really is. And he's losing who he really is as well.



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