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Praise Power: "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Don't let your doubt speak louder than your faith. Shout for Joy! Releasing your praise empowers you to freedom.

Too many times we allow situations and circumstances to dictate to us. We in turn speak exactly what they're saying only bringing about more of it. What a lot of people fail to realize is that our power is in our praise. When we declare the goodness of God and proclaim thankfulness for our lives and everything we DO have were empowered to use them. Were manifesting our own power within us and are motivated to increase. The power in us moves us to change those situations, it moves us to dictate to them rather than them dictating to us.

When we release a shout of praise we are actually declaring that we are the power, and taking the position of that power. We are the ones with the voices to speak. Once we open our mouths to speak, whether negative or positive we are producing energy.. Once we get a hold of our power to speak louder than the negativity and the doubt we feel, there is no where to go but up. Best believe everyone experiences doubt, a feeling that something may go wrong if we start this or that, the voice that gives us reasons why we can't do it. We have to take the limits off and get going if we want to achieve anything. We are the power, because we are life.

When we lift our voice to praise and give thanks, we are actually taking our power. The power we possess inside cannot be limited by any other voice, If we are talking we're not listening right? The voice of negativity cannot be heard, because it is we ourselves that are speaking life. Life is creation, it is production in itself and it cannot be hindered by anything. Therefore releasing our praise no matter what the circumstance, empowers us to freedom.

Praising God gets you wired, It gets you electrified. All you have to do is shout.

Can You Hear Me Now? Good.

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