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The Good News

More and more lately It seems like the media is enjoying smut there is so much news out there, but most of it is neither life giving or prolific Its almost as though we thrive on bad news. The smut sells, The Gossip is what makes the headlines. Shouldn't we cling more to those things which empower us, that gives life to our souls. The Good News that can never be to over-rated is that we have a SAVIOR. No Matter what happens in the world our faith in Jesus Christ sustains us. All is not lost we are SAVED!

The news to rejoice over is that we have a SAVIOR! I repeat we have a SAVIOR! We should play this over and over in our heads until the negative influence of the world lets up. News is for informational purposes yes and the Word of Jesus Christ and His Purpose on the earth was so that we may be equipped in this life. Not only to be equipped, but live it abundantly, to the full, That is The Good News! If we never have before let us rejoice in this day, because we have a SAVIOR! Instead of highlighting  death we should acknowledge the One who rose again.

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