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Competition vs Communication

Are we competing or are we communicating? Being competent does not mean being totally in control. In a world built on success and stardom sometimes we can aim too high. When competence gets in the way of wholeness: Peace goes out the window, but when we realize where weve gone wrong  understanding walks in  through the front door. This realization is the realzation of GOD.  Placing GOD as top priority is the realization of peace. GOD is one. Personally, as a writer sometimes when you think so much it's easy to veer off course, to go into "worry" territory. When we enter this territory we know were not putting GOD first and its reflective in our circumstances whch only makes things worse.

The more we worry all sense of support is drained. Our outward circumstances line up with the worry until we begin to feel even more trapped. Sometimes in this, we lose  that: GOD is one GOD, Our reason for Everything is in Him. That means purpose is in Him, so all the things we worry about He is ready and able to provide when we put Him first... and we need to recognize, that we put GOD first for OURSELVES not for Him or not for anyone else, we realize that everything that we could worry about GOD has got it covered.

  • Finances-Check
  • Time-Check
  • Love-Check
  • Everything-Check
Ok that last one was kind of a fluke, but the point is that When we put Focus in GOD who is One, everything else falls immediately under it, everything we need for wholeness and well being. GOD gives us peace, when we have peace we have wholeness. When we are whole we can rightly produce all the things that we were created to produce and contribute in the way that we were created to.

From a recent lapse in faithfulness my self I realized how everything else became disorganized. When we lose focus things become disarrayed. The question is where are we going and what is more important than GOD? we have to become careful not to be consumed with the worldly selfishness of society. Operating in vanity and flesh will eat you alive.

For what the flesh wants is opposed to the Spirit, and what the Spirit wants is opposed to the flesh. They are opposed to each other, and so you do not do what you want to do.(Galatians 5:17)
It is a natural fact that the spirit and the flesh are continually at war, So are we competing or are we communicating? Communicating is much more easier and has a positive impact in the effectiveness of our lives. The spirit is based in love. we know love conquers all so when we feed spirit first, the flesh has no choice but to line up. All things work together for good to them that love the Lord. Everything lines up when we make Him first priority. In lack of communication there is bound to be fustration.

When we loose the wholeness and devotion to GOD, based in purpose, life sucks. The very thing that fustrates us and makes us strong as christians is  overcoming. Its kind of hard to get over the worldly life we grew up in for so long. But practice is a must and it makes perfect. We must embrace enlightenment and build on it with everything we got. The overcoming is what makes us strong, because when we are overcoming, we are winning.

This has been a lesson learned,putting GOD first always leads to peace. We know a house divided in itself cannot stand. We should cotinually gauge the wellness of our souls . there is any easy way to do this: The next time you find your soul in angst, ask yourself: Am I competing or am I communicating?


  1. Exactly Izdiher! Because we were raised in a world that does. We grew up that way, its the flesh thats why we should transform and change our mindsets to a new man. Be enlightened!:)

  2. WOW, I know I been competing... Our divorce was done in April 2011 and my ex is still trying to win... I'm so tired of the drama...

  3. You're right. We do compete which has mostly been something we learned. I do appreciate this article though, because it is helping me learn something about myself and making me strive to be better.

  4. Thanks Judy! Be blessed. and GODspeed to you Clint.


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