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Heavy On The Thank You GOD!

There's a meme circulating around the internet that says "Heavy on The Thank You GOD!" of course my first thought was: "I know that's right!"

Let's not take for granted this air that we're breathing everyday. For some people the air quality and the ability to breathe is not the same, due to this coronavirus pandemic. Let's appreciate these blessings that keep coming our way every day!

I recall being at a brunch at the beginning of this year, being empowered with a bunch of women in a packed room, never imagining that the social trajectory of the society we live in would change. 

Who would have thought that a few months later being at a brunch  with several women would be unheard of for concern of it being a health risk?

GOD knows things before we do. GOD knows what we need before we even need it. So yes, heavy on the Thank you GOD for sure! What are some things that you're thankful for today? Name them and claim them!

The more grateful we are the more things there are to be grateful for.

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