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#SaveMeriam: The Fight To Free Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim and her newborn Daughter.

Sadly, a lot of popular media outlets right now are talking about a petition to comb a toddler's hair. The petition to Free Meriam Ibrahim and her two kids is much more worthy to be the center focus of mainstream media attention. 

A petition is circulating to the American government to  free  27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim. Meriam was convicted and given the death sentence in the Sudanese government which is primarily Islamic for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. She married her husband who is a Christian and U.S. citizen, and was recently  forced to give birth to their child in prison. This is the same prison known to have an infant mortality rate of one child per day.

The petition created is strongly urging the White House to take action in the case by charging the Sudanese government to release Meriam and her children so she can escape execution and the possible death of her children and be rejoined with her husband in the U.S. 

Websites are being created to rally citizens, and Non U.S. citizens to get involved and sign the petition. The situation is expressed further in the video (below):

Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to severe punishment for converting to Christian faith, but this issue goes beyond freedom of religion, and into the freedom of people, especially women having the ability to make their own decisions. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said that "A threat to Justice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere". Desmond Tutu stated that "If You Are Neutral in situations of Injustice you are on the side of the oppressor". Use your Power to make a positive difference. If we don't exercise our political freedom, then it's subject to be weak, scrutinized, and taken advantage of. 

Please take action to help Free Meriam Ibrahim by clicking the link to the White House petition and making your signature count for her case and on behalf of her children.

#SaveMeriam White House Petition:

Learn more about how to help and get the latest updates at 


  1. Just signed the petition. I pray for this woman, her husband and her children and hope her life is spared so she can reunite with her family.


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