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Today Was A blesssed Day 11/10/2011 (Happy 11/11/11!)

Today was a blessed day. *in my Ice cube voice*  Today was so interestingly amazing. Can anybody tell me why people were just coming up to me giving me things, and people who I completely forgot I gave money to, came up and paid me? Do you ever get that feeling like God is up to something? Well I felt like that today all day My spirit was so invigorated. when i was sitting with co-workers and they work talking about nothing i was interested in, nothing life giving. I started up my own conversation about how good church was on Sunday. The more I went in depth with it the more empowered I felt and the message came back to me, loved that! and my mind cleared up I was able to share what was authentically really me with others that is the is the helper, the inspiration. On my blog lately I have been sharing the word and it has been an interesting journey. The more deliberately I go for God the more His presence comes, but now seemingly its like its coming of its own accord.

First I met up with a co-worker in the break-room and He had his bible and we started discussing the word. Awesome! then I ran into an old friend and we started talking about empowerment and purpose. literally OMG! its like God is making His presence known and steadily confirming that its my time, time for a new season of glory, time for a real breakthrough in my life and I love it. I also felt fresh and invigorated because today was the day to establish and declare my platform as a writer can you say amazing its like the gift that you have in you makes everything in your life so much more clear when you put a label on it. Well, I definitely have a label for this day and I call it: BLESSED.I never wanna forget it, I thank God for it and felt it was worth sharing. My documentation of excellence, Well have a goodnight all! continue to be blessed:)


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