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More Destruction Ezekiel 7 stw

Ezekiel Ch 7 Synopses

Wow! in Ezekiel Ch 7 God is talking about dealing with the people of Jerusalem exclusively based on their conduct. In this chapter God proclaims that the end has come and there will be only more woe to Jerusalem and the children of Israel. As depressing as it is, it seems that Jerusalem may need a personal reminder, A wake up call. The destruction of everything they own including their jewelry that they worshiped and used to make idols seems to suffice for God. God says He will judge them according to their own standards. " Then they will know that I am the Lord". Boy! I hope after all this destruction and turmoil that they know who God is and honor him as such.

Do you agree that sometimes we have to be brought low to look up? What do you think of all the destruction and calamity in Ezekiel so far?

Share your thoughts & continue along with us as we "Spread The Word" and see what happens next as we explore Ezekiel Ch 8.

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