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Life's Reward

We all want to be fulfilled in life, so we desperately search and act  for what does fulfill...However, the only thing we've mostly heard is that life itself is a gift. But its interesting the last thing we consider it to be is a reward. Most of the time our own life gets the best of us and it seems like the furthest thing from a gift, but it is possible to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. How? By seeking God first. God created us and His trace is within us. When we seek to bring it out and maximize on it thats when life becomes rewarding and we see the glory that we've never known. The glory of God fufills everything; It fills our passion, It fills our appetite, it fills our whole life. When we seek the kingdom and the righteousness of  God first, we can't go wrong. Everybody wants a filling, everybody wants to be satisfied and we think  that maybe pleasure or fame will do it but that is not true, finding who we are and the glory of the Lord in ourselves is what fulfills. I was told that we are no longer in the information age, but the conceptual age-- An emphasis on the ability to form and understand mental concepts, and to create plans. Image is what makes our world today, its everywhere we go. Our life is so filled with images that now data and info is everything. We long to get access to ipads,laptops, pcs, smartphones, etc. all the things that give access to data. It seems that all things have become digital, but what about the spiritual? We need not reject this part because its vital. The spiritual part of us is the part that fulfills everything we are. We need to seek God first, in doing so we gain fulfillment to produce. The production and fruitfulness this way is less of a labor and the gain is immense, being so much more than material. The Bible states "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well"* What we miss sometimes is that our spirit is the birthplace of all our productivity, because it was the spirit of God that created us. And living in America with all the thoughts that have been conceived by popular and mainstream media it is easy to miss the mark seeing that God Is often the last one who is glorified. When we seek God first, (our "data that is within Him)  we gain the creativity and productivity of God and our reward is in Him*. Are you experiencing life as a reward by way of your productivity through God? You should be getting the dream that life promised you...Go for it!
References *Matthew 6:33  *Hebrew 11:6

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