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I am so  grateful and really starting to love my life now. My real life, in this being that God has given me, not the one I have fancied and envisioned for my self all my life which closely resembles the media's estimation of what glamour is. I am now so literally seeing the person that God has made me and the dreams that He has for my life through the gifts that He Has given me. I even see the greatness of the ministry that He has put me  under. It answers so many relevant questions that I have about my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. with that being said I can't get over the message that my Pastor preached this past sunday, It was so Awesome. She was saying that the blood that Christ Shed On the Cross was for God to see Us. Not see the sinful, wrecked us that we were, but see the glorious us, to let His glory be manifested through us in the earth. She referenced from scripture Isaiah 53:10 that It actually pleased the Lord for Jesus Christ to be crucified, for It is In Him that God sees us and we are made new and afresh. Because Jesus Christ died in this very day we have the ability and the power to manifest the glory of God as Jesus did and be sons of God. It is so amazing because while the vision of your life and current circumstances might tell us something else there is always a way that God sees us through the blood of Jesus Christ and that is with POWER. When we believe the report* and cling to the blood of Jesus Christ we are covered and we can see ourselves in a new way despite our history, we are the new person that God sees its up to us to walk in it and line up. When I reflect on this message it makes me so grateful to have Jennifer Osbourne as my Pastor and to have her in my life. She is a true gem. God really put someone in my life that has His fire and the word of truth on their tongue. I am Amazed every time I hear her and It really makes me see the greatness that God has put in me and who I am in Him. And if he has given me a woman of God to sit under that is so profound as this, all I can say is Mmm... smh. I am Thankful!!

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