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Keep Letitia Wright In Your Prayers

Pray For Letitia Wright | original background image: Hollywood Reporter

Letitia Wright is an Actress that stands firmly in her conviction of faith and she is open about having given her life to The Lord. She made a major breakthrough after the fact when she landed a key role in the blockbuster film Black Panther.

As reports are circulating of an injury on set and many mainstream news outlets are posting contrary to the truth. Now is the time for believers to stand together with each other, and Letitia in this moment. 

May she be encouraged that the same GOD who brought her to one breakthrough can bring her to many more.

Praise GOD for her resilience and the resilience of the saints. We are keeping Letitia in prayer.

Check out her interview below talking about the pressure of being an Actress in the film industry and giving her life to Christ:

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