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Your Isolation Leads To Your Elevation

Prioritizing time to pray is a form of "isolating" that specific slot of time.

Honoring and prioritizing time connect with GOD through the Holy Spirit, alone (by ourselves) isolated is really where all the power we needs come from. 

"Confidence is good, Self-esteem is good, but what we need is power."

Our isolation has the power to lead us to elevation. 

Consider St. John. He received Revelation on the Island of Patmos.  An Island is an isolated place, a place that's secluded. The revelation may have not been the same if he was surrounded by a whole bunch of people. 

Daniel also received vision and instruction from The Lord. As we see in The Bible, he often isolated himself to pray.

As mentioned in the devotional reading in today's Breath Of Life Daily podcast, Jesus isolated himself after helping people. He knew taking that time for his self was vital to His ministry. It was actually the life blood of it.

Taking time to connect with GOD in prayer.

A viral video of a lady on a TV Game show surfaced and became popular because, before she got started with answering any questions, she chanted: "Holy Spirit Activate". Well that's real. It's up to us to prioritize The Holy Spirit being activated in us. We can do this by isolating the time to pray and isolating ourselves in prayer.

The charge is up to us to receive.

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