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Lean Into Your Elevation

Listen to the Audio here below:

This morning I shared some thoughts with the BOLD Prayer community about toxic relationships, how Jesus actually dealt with them according to the bible. 

Ultimately, we all relate to other people based on the love level we have within ourselves. How our love tank is filled is based on our relationship, consecration, and submission to our creator through Jesus Christ. If know toxicity, then we will relate toxically. If we know love, then we'll relate to love.

Lean into the love today. Lean into the love and Only into the love in life. Scripture says GOD loves us so much that he sent His only beloved son to lay down his life for us. That sacrifice is an ultimate profession of love. When we take the time, make the sacrifice of time to lean into and prioritize this love in our lives, we're elevated. 

So lean into your ascension. Lean into that loving relationship that feeds you the most, the one with the Holy Spirit that provides the most comfort.

When we consecrate, we elevate, when we are elevated we manifest differently. We manifest from a place of elevation, not worry. Sometimes we're so stressed we find ourselves getting into those mundane situations, habits, relationships and accepting less than our Creator's best for our lives.

Manifestation is the fruit of our relationship with our Creator. Lean into consecration, and the divine, vital connection.
It will shift you, but open up to the possibility of it uplifting you. Change may hurt only because it's uncomfortable, it's unfamiliar. But our consecration is for the greatest good. Flow with the change and transformation Jesus died and arose to produce in you. When you do you'll find yourself living better, producing better, and functioning better.

Cheers to an elevated, fruitful life!
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