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What Is Toxic Positivity?

So I recorded a full podcast episode, only to find out when I moved slightly, the majority of the audio was muffled and I couldn't use the audio. I can definitely name the emotion I was feeling about that . . . it was frustration! While I'm grateful to be able to express what I'm going through these days and not mask it, that may not be the case for everybody. So while I don't particularly like the word "Toxic Positivity" because it sounds stupid.

I felt the dynamic was worthy to be unpacked. I unpacked this in the latest podcast. The audio that  actually did make the cut. You can have a listen here.

To me positivity is pure. It can't be toxic. It cant be tainted. I'll take that to the grave. However what are your thoughts about the word and the breakdown mentioned in the podcast? You can share your thoughts here in the comments section or leave an audio response on the BOLD Podcast page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Also, Here is the original article below:

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