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The Power Of Fasting

"But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." 

-Matthew 17:21

If you're a person that sometimes sees the need to fast and step away from all the distractions, the noise, monotony, etc. Don't take that insight for granted. Press into that conviction and don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

I believe that's why the scripture talks about not publicizing your fasting journey (Matthew 6:18), because when you tell people, people will try to discourage you for their own reasons or view points. I've literally been there before and that's what inspired this post.

Sometimes it's necessary to step back and get focused.

Don't let anybody tell you fasting is irrelevant. Fasting is a tool that we have. It's a weapon that GOD has given us!

Stick to your guns!

A lot of people nowadays say that they practice intermittent fasting. Actually, a lot of successful Entrepreneurs and Business owners have mentioned this in their journals and reports.

Fasting is said to affect the composition of your physical body for the good. This put together with prayer is highly effective.

I'm looking forward to sharing this more in depth on BOLD Podcast. What are your thoughts on fasting? share your insights in the comments and connect with us @BOLDJournal

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