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Why All Things Beeswax Fragrance Company Is Growing!

Founder Asheena Davis of All Things Beeswax and More, based in Milledgeville, Georgia. took her destiny into her own hands and pushed toward her dreams of success. As a young mother Davis decided to do something positive that she knew her children would benefit from.

She started All Things Beeswax and More creating natural wax melts, room sprays, candles and the like. Although gaining full support from her network was a struggle at first. As she continued to push forward results started breaking through.

The benefits of All Things Beeswax became clear to it's customers, that the products are dynamic. "The thing that sets ATB apart is my wax. Beeswax is a natural wax that bees make. It also has great health benefits, unlike the other waxes. It makes me feel really great to know that I can make a home fragrance item that also doubles as a natural air purifier, which can help with some breathing issues, and eliminate odors." Davis shared in an interview.

While All Things Beeswax is Home Fragrance company, you can also use the spray products in your car, in your office, or any place you would like to freshen up and add fragrance to. Ordering All Things Beeswax Products is convenient and usually come with great package deals!

You can find All Things Beeswax via their official website:

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