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The Best Way To Be Productive

We can try to get it done, or do it all without GOD, but it won't be very fruitful. Outside of GOD we can do NOTHING! I believe that. Work is fruitless if it's not in purpose.

Scripture says when we do whatever we're doing, handling whatever business, accomplishing whatever task with GOD, then we will bear much fruit.

Whatever is on the to-do list today, do it with GOD. Be aware that GOD is with you, and put GOD first while you're in operation. Pray without ceasing.

When we try to do it on our own it's hard. However when we do it with GOD, it becomes much easier. Do LIFE with GOD and I promise you it will be so much better.  Based on my experience, this is the best way to go. Allow GOD to take the load off. You will stress much less.

Be Awesome today! Go in the name of Jesus and bear much fruit!

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