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5 Ways to Get Into Divine Alignment

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

With this whole "Alignment" wave that is happening now, I am hearing a lot of talk about it. The thing is, I don't really think people understand what alignment really is, much less how to actually manifest it into their lives. Alignment is when you have a balanced harmony in your life in the 5 (what I like to call) Aspect Pillar areas of Spiritual, Emotional, Relationship, Financial, and Profession. Think of a wheel. All these areas need to be on a balance, or your ride in life will be very bumpy.

 The first aspect pillar you need to cultivate is your Spirituality. You have to surrender your foundation to something greater than you because your mission in life is from God, the creator of the Universe. How can you go through life not understanding what you are placed here in this season and time for? 

The next aspect area pillar to master is Emotions. You need to be aware of How are you feeling? What are you thinking? what are you telling yourself? What you are assuming? This can be a very tough aspect to master because a lot of what we think is based on BS experiences we have had to encounter, and the things people have told us. It's extremely important to assess your emotional health and figure out what are your triggers. When you know your triggers, you know how to effectively set your boundaries, and create your coping skills. 

The Third Aspect Pillar to Cultivate is your Relationships. Relationships in every area, the first being yourself. Are you loving yourself? Then with the people closes to you-spouse, children, parents. After that with the general public, coworkers, and people you don't know. What is your standard of ethics you have in place for yourself? Do you even have one, or when you get in situations your actions are based on how you feel, and then you find yourself "out of character".

Fourth Aspect Pillar is Financial. Do you know what your budget looks like? Do you know how much you actually need to maintain your standard of living? Are you currently meeting your financial goals or coming up short? If you're coming up short, do you know how much you need to supplement your income? Think about your money mindset. Are you free in your money are holding on? Do you give? 

The Fifth Aspect Pillar is your Profession. Is your work making you happy? Is your purpose incorporated in what you do? Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied? Can you say that you are living up to your potential? 

In this next decade, it is imperative that we really submit our will if we want to see a shift in Divine Universal Alignment. The opportunity to do it is here, but you have to understand what it really means to get into divine alignment, and how to get into it. So here are 5 ways to ensure that you are setting yourself up to shift the 5 Pillar Aspect areas:

  • Set time aside daily to pray/and meditate. Find a time that is good for you to tune everything out and allow for divine connection with your soul to the creator of the universe. I like to incorporate songs, play music, write, or sometimes even do a quick journal during my meditation and prayer time.

  • Recognize and be present in your moment. When you are at work- WORK. When you are home, enjoy your family. Allow yourself permission to kick back and breathe.

  • Set your Intentions. Intentions are everything!! When you set your intention it's like you now have a rubric to keep you accountable. You have your guide. You can set intentions for all types of things like meetings in business and personal interactions with family and friends.

  • Give. Give. Give. Giving does not have to be monetary. Give your time, your advice, your authenticity. Our purpose is not for us, but to enhance others. Figure out a way you can give that is not overwhelming for you. This makes you feel great and will keep you in good spirits.

  • Follow your intuition. Embrace your creativity. Nobody can do what you can do. Your authenticity is what separates you from the noise that's out there. If you fail at what your intuition directed you to that it's cool too because I can guarantee your lesson you are going to learn is directly tied to your success.

I hope you find these tips beneficial to your alignment process, and if you want to connect with a group of people who are living out their purpose Check out the Purpose Transformation Group on Facebook.

Carla Marcelle
Purpose Transformation Coach

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