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Abundance From The Inside

This past week has been rough. Honestly life has been rough, but I've come to the realization that if I'm focused on things that don't belong to me, like thoughts and desires that GOD hasn't specifically ordained for my life, then that makes things immensely hard.

Anxiety, depression, sadness, hopelessness, thoughts of doom will play on our minds if we let them. It's important to be guarded with the knowledge of GOD's love, and not just the knowledge of it, but familiarity with it. If I had never experienced it, some things that I do, I wouldn't be able to do.

Sometimes if we're looking at the outside from the outside things look bleak. Family doesn't do right, life can seem hopeless... but we have to look from the inside out! Realize that all the love we could ever want, even need, we have inside of us. To tap into it through consistent prayer and seeking GOD's will first is key.

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The things our heart desires may not even belong to us. Whether they be thoughts planted by the enemy, or thoughts planted by our history. There's a scripture that says:

"Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

I think it's taking the time to delight ourselves in the Lord that we start to understand what the true desires of our hearts are. Our hearts don't belong to anxiety, our hearts don't belong to fear, they don't belong to what we think we want, not even what we think belongs to us.

I pray that we know that joy and peace is found when we direct our hearts in GOD's love. May our hearts belong completely to GOD! The more we fill our hearts with GOD's love, the more of it we desire.

This morning, I was reminded of this song I used to praise dance to "My Heart Belongs To You" By Lexi, and David & Nicole Binion. Nicole Binion's verse in this song is everything:

"Now that you've gained my deepest affection Lord I'll never take my eyes off of you cause my heart is filled with anticipation of more and more of you."

I couldn't find it on Spotify, but here it is on YouTube

Actually this whole song in it's entirety is Amazing! (If you find it on spotify, let a sister know) Please send me the link. Follow @BOLDJournal on all Social Media for the latest updates from the site.

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