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You Can't Pimp GOD

Yesterday I heard Singer Erica Campbell say on her radio show: "You Can't Pimp GOD", I chuckled because I thought it sounded funny.  Although, It didn't hit so close to home yesterday... It came back to me today, and I realized that I needed to repent for all the times I've treated GOD like a magic eight ball. The divine, almighty, sovereign GOD is not just an entity we use to make a wish.

Being that the Lord is good for more than just favors, we have to tell ourselves the same. Any time that we treat GOD as such, we're allowing ourselves to be treated as such. Realizing that I am more than what I can do for someone else, and that my worth is not tied up in what I can provide has been extremely liberating for me. 

Whether you're a mom, a parent, someone who makes more income than your family or anything similar to these, set aside specific time just to honor and celebrate that YOU ARE MORE! Refuse to allow yourself to be treated as the money pig, the cash cow, the door mat, or whatever it is that people consciously or unconsciously tend to label you as.

When we individually and corporately make time to celebrate GOD, we are celebrating GOD. We're praising GOD for being more than what we can ever imagine, we're thanking GOD for being more than what we do imagine. Intentionally take time to remember GOD is not just "there" to be called on when you need something. The divine is present with us at all times. The very love and light of our souls is in the presence of the Lord.

If you've ever been guilty of this mentality ask GOD for forgiveness, then forgive yourself.

Keep thriving!


April B.

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