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Bloom! A Short Film On Being

If you are always trying to “be”, just take a deep breath and realize that you “are”. - April D. Byrd

What happens when you start your day with the noise and notifications of other peoples "news feeds"? All the while simultaneously neglecting to acknowledge your creator or expressing gratitude for the new day?! It might be a lot more rough than intended.

This frustration may be because of the lack of awareness and intention given where it counts the most. The short film "Bloom" explores a day through the lens of two different awakening experiences.

The main character finds herself irritated, irresponsible, and over it in the span of just of few hours. After the problematic picking of a mystical flower from it's source of life and the continuous neglection of her own, she transcends to witness what kind of habits could cultivate a better experience on her journey. She becomes "woke". 

In her new intentional routine of gratitude and self-development, she begins to give more than she takes. As the seeds of peace are planted, she sees that the fruits of enlightment, wisdom, and productivity are yielded.

In her new found awareness her creativity and publishing efforts begin to thrive, and it's just the beginning... 

Watch Bloom, the film entered for Campus Movie Fest (below)

Check out the post Bloom: The Art Of Cultivating Beauty,
the blog post and dialogue featured in the film.

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