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Koryn Hawthorne Debuts "Enough" Single on Overcomer Soundtrack

The first time I heard the song "Enough" I didn't know it was affiliated with the new Overcomer film by the Kendrick Brothers. I just figured it was another hit by the "Unstoppable","Won't He Do It" phenom.

The fact that "Enough" is apart of the Overcomer Soundtrack makes it even more special. The lyrics of this song encompass what it truly means to be an overcomer. In Koryn Hawthorne's powerful signature sound of boldness and declaration we get verses like:

"I can overcome anything 'Cause Your Spirit is alive in me."  
I am chosen and redeemed Your love has set me free You define my identity".

"Enough" by Koryn Hawthorne will definitely be a classic and mainstay on my playlist. check out the song Enough by Koryn Hawthorne in the video below and leave a comment about your favorite part of the song in the comments section.

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