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10 Things That Can Separate You From GOD's Love

Nothing! ALL ten things are nothing. Nothing can separate us from the love of GOD!

I messed up royally yesterday, I mean bad! I messed up so bad that a "Come-to-Jesus" moment was inevitable! The truth of the matter is that what I did missed the mark and wasn't in Godly character, I let myself down and it's ok to be sad about that. It's NOT ok to stay in a place of bitterness, remorse, and regret for too long. Misery is where the spirit of evil wants you to dwell, if you stay there you'll suffer. Suffering is outside of GOD's plan for our lives.

Repent and aim to be better. Honestly, everything that leads up to what we might consider "Big sin" is sin just the same. Operating from whatever spirit that's not GOD, is missing the mark. We will always fall short of GOD's glory, but Jesus died to be our covering.
Tweet: We will always fall short of GOD's glory, but Jesus died to be our covering.

Romans 8, details that we are not condemned by sin and confirms that Nothing can seperate us from the love of GOD. While we should not condemn ourselves or allow anyone else to do it, it's ok to be convicted. It's up to us to Boldly use our lives for the service of GOD. Using them for any other reason is useless.

The truth that nothing can separate us from GOD's love was also recently shared by Dr. Cindy Trimm on Twitter . . .
GOD is so good! Whenever you get a chance read Romans Chapter 8 in the Bible, it is so powerful!

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