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Identity Affirmation: It is well with my soul

I am the daughter of Iyanla, Oprah, Souljah, and Maya
My spirit is wise, kind, and free
My body is fire
I am a woman phenomenally
I am black beautifully
I am anointed Majestically

Darkness looms, but like India,
I am light
I am right, in a world full of wrongs
I am left, to no ones definition but the Lords
I answer only to the divine's call
I am a child of God

I have a historically, victorious, remarkable identity
and a strong heritage
My culture has been cultivated in divine fashion
The power. of the hem. of the garment is the stuff
my soul is made of
I didn't wake up flawless, I woke up fearless
then I stopped chasing dreams, for purpose
because the abundant life in Christ makes me worth it
makes me relavant, makes me whole, makes me confident
Nice to meet you, I am triumphant

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