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The Genius of Marshall

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So whenever people clap at the end of the movie it seems kind of awkward to me, like "you know they can't hear you right?!" eventually I wave it off and know that performance must have been really touching, and its custom to clap anyway when you're pleased I guess, but I was too happy to join in the applause with the audience after "Marshall" !! 

The screenplay was well executed and creative with some nice surprises here and there. In any instance I thought the writer may have been imposing a certain view on history, I can look past that and focus on the biblical reference shared between "Thurgood Marshall and Sam Friedman.

When you walk away from a movie and it makes you think, I would say it's done a good job. It's a good movie! Marshall was executed brilliantly and it made me see the Genius of Thurgood Marshall's service in his tenure. 

The film helped highlight that he was truly called to do what he was doing and gifted in an amazing way! I'm glad this was brought to the light. Hopefully we can all aspire to be excellent in the calling that we're blessed with and also be a relentless as he was, and was portrayed to be.

Great casting and great job to all the players involved!! Not discounting, but especially noting that it was a biopic, I pray that we see more films that make a powerful impact for good.

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