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Where did that thought come from!

Our thoughts are very important to God.  God does care what we ponder on in our minds and what we mediate on throughout our day.

Many of us desire to be happy, healthy and productive in our lives and this is most assuredly is God’s will for us.  However, even in the mist of Walking in Faith, we are not exempt from the realities of the world.

We do have an opponent and oppositions that come up against us when we least expect it.

For instance, we could be sitting in a gathering of people, e.g. church and all of a sudden here comes a negative thought, giving no concern to the fact that were in the Assembly of God, praising the Lord.

No, there are no restraints to the oppositions that the deceiver would have us to believe.
This is the reason the Bible teaches us to write the “Word of God” on our hearts and our minds so that it will not depart from us.  We can “RECALL” just what God says about us in His Word, when adversity comes

So, the next time the enemy comes with distractions, nay sayings, doubts and attempts to flood our minds with negativity, let us always stand firm on God’s Word.  We are the Righteous of God in Christ Jesus, we can cast down all thoughts and imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself up against the Knowledge of God. We put on the mind of Christ.

Blessings to all and always Stay Encouraged.

Shira Garnett: Contributing WriterShira

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