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I AM Never Changes

You say have faith
so I wait patiently for the change.

You say, You do all things well in Your time
So I still, sit still.

You say, You put no more on me than I can bare
so I preserver in my time of adversity.

You say, in due season
at its appointed time, I shall prevail
so I look at the calendar of my life
is it truly the Son or is it my own desire to rein.

Which or what I cry out,
Is not this change, of twin effect
has my alliance turned from You, too I
never shall I cry, I…I…I!

So again, bringing into remembrance
You say, I AM that I AM

Your permissive will
Enough for me to say
that explains the completion
of everything I don’t always understand

So I wait patiently, sit still, preserver
For Your Absolute Change!

I AM, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever more.

© Shira Garnett, Contributing Writer,

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