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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

"Perfect practice makes perfect". I remember my senior high school teacher saying that phrase when I was in her English class. How could you become the best at what you do? By practicing it. However, you first had to hone your skill and then practice that thing perfectly in order to make it perfect. Now that seems rather strange if you are not well versed in an area, right? But lets dive a little deeper into the meaning of this phrase and how it can be applied in our lives.

I would like to think that I can practice something all day long and learn how to do it. For instance, I love food. I love trying new foods and occasionally whipping up something in my kitchen. I can make a good cheesecake, I can make a good lasagna...or any pasta dish...but I am far from a chef! I could spend countless hours in the kitchen and practice, but eventually I will want to leave to do something I truly enjoy, like photography or binge watching Netflix.

On the other hand, my brother can step into the kitchen and with no recipe create a masterpiece. He has been cooking since he was 5...yep, 5 (my sister in law is lucky). He has practices his skills over the years and became perfect at them. Perfect practice has proven perfect in his case. It is as if cooking is instinctual for him. However, photography is more instinctual for me and I could (and do on occasion) bore people with all things photography related. Why? Because my perfect practice has proven to make it perfect.

Now I use the word perfect loosely. No one is perfect in any one thing. My point is that if something is not your passion or your calling, you can practice and work at that one thing for an eternity. At best, you may become mediocre at it. Yet, you are not here on earth for mediocre. Why settle at being a mediocre chef when you could be a fantastic photographer? Or vice versa...or whatever it is that you are great at and love to do that others cannot complete like you.

And yes, there will be other people that possess your skills. However, there is only one you. So what you bring to the table will always be unique and will command attention. So work on the things in your life that you know you can dominate. Wake up your inner self and be conscious of your gifts and talents and own them.

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