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VIDEOcast: Dr. Cindy Trimm "I Know Who I Am"

Dr. Cindy Trimm expounded on the importance of  the soul and knowing who we are. Trimm shared many great points. Some of the quotes listed below are just a few that jumped out to us. Trimm elaborated in her message "I Know Who I Am" that God breathed life into us. There is a spirit (ruach) in man that gives inspiration, it is the inspiration of the almighty, knowing who we are is critical:

  • God breathed the breath of life into man and he became a living soul.
  • The soul animates the body, when you lose your soul you have no control. If you fail to nurture your soul you fail to nurture yourself.
  • God has expressed himself in you, He has voice printed you.
  • When God created you, He gave you your soul, your soul gave you the ability to have a spiritual life. your soul is responsible for your identity and your ability.
  • The breath of God has already voice printed your identity, your personality.
  • When you discover who you are you will no longer be controlled by people.
  • When you discover who you are you will no longer be defined by external circumstances.
  • When you discover who you are Life will no longer happen to you, you will happen to life.
  • It's not people's responsibility to define who you are, it's yours.
  • The solution to your problem is within.
See full video (below):

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