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Note for 2015: Greater is coming!

This is directed to the dreamer...For the visionaries...For those who think they are crazy for holding fast to what they believe...For those who know that abundance is in living life to the fullness...For those not willing to think that life only has to offer paycheck to paycheck or bad breaks. This is for the one content with little or with much, but will never be complacent.

Greater is coming! You have greatness residing on the inside, that is bubbling over. With 2015 under sixty days away, I hope that everyone has committed their plans for the new year.

In a world where it seems more people are complacent with what they have, it is time to hold fast to the greater life that was intended for us to live. At what age did you stop dreaming? When did you begin to realize this was as good as it gets? Well, I challenge you to challenge that notion of thinking today. Who told us that we were created to be ordinary or play it safe? Why do we fear coming out of our comfort places and taking a risk, even if it is once in a while? Fear is a lie! Why do we have to be so conscious of being realistic that we stop dreaming and believing? We stopped believing in greater.  We settled at living the bare minimum and calling that okay.

Now by all means, greater looks different for all people, and that is okay. However, why do we try to group up greatness into a box? We try to put abundant living in a box, but it cannot be contained and it never should. Who told you that greater is not possible, feasible, or attainable? Were they accomplishing greater or living a safe life? Either way, why did their option become your reality?

I think so often we base our reality and desires on what others tell us. Who are "they" to say it is not possible or realistic? Who are "they" to tell you to be "happy" right where you are and never aspire for greater. One day when I meet my Creator I want Him to smile from my life being poured out. I want Him to tell me I used every gift He gave me instead of holding on to it or never discovering it out of fear. I rather choose abundance.

Choose to look on the brighter side. Choose to take this moment you are in that does not feel too good as the stepping stone you need to propel you into greatness. Choose abundant living. Christ wants greater for you. You were not created to just live, but to live abundantly. Remember Galatians 6:9, "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

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