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Moving Forward

   by: Carla Marcelle

When you are called to fulfill a purpose, any and everything can be used to stop you from meeting your destiny. It is up to you, who face challenges and situations, to make a conscious effort to be overcomers, fighters, and victors of obstacles you face. When making this decision, you can lose friendships, relationships, and sometimes even jobs. It can be a very uncomfortable situation especially when you want so bad cling to those hindrances because it is all you know, it is what you love, and it is your safety zone.  The funny thing about it is that most times we know what the hindrances are, but we may not know what our purpose is. So for that very reason, we never fully comprehend just how much of a necessity it is for us to let go of those hindrances to move forward in our destiny by uncovering our purpose. 

However, it is in those quiet times with yourself, where you discover your gifts. It is in those times where you are not focused on the rhetoric of your situations where you discover your talents. In those times where you are not indulging with your hindrances and your obstacles, that is when your purpose begins to form.

   I know for me, one of my biggest hindrances are friendships. Because I like to be around people, I tend to just want to be around who ever is available. Not always are the people who are available conducive to my well being. Not always are the people who are available have my best interest at hand.   Often, I find my self compromising my very beliefs, morals, and standards. So instead of being that purpose driven woman of destiny, being a light in darkness of situations, I just blend right in. I conform to the very thing I do not want to be. After spending so much time conforming, I have discovered one of two things will happen. Either you will become complacent, losing your desire for your advancement, and develop a will to simply just exist; or you will get so uncomfortable in your situation, that you have to remove yourself from the very things that are holding you back.

At that point the question becomes,

When you hear the call of your destiny, will you chose to pursue it? Will you answer the call?
Or will you allow your destiny that awaits you to just dwindle away, and your purpose that you were designed to accomplish  become void; all because you did not want to endure the discomfort of your advancement. We all know there is no growth without discomfort. We can apply the same principles of our natural world to the very idea of advancing in our purpose. As a child grows into maturity they go through very uncomfortable stages called puberty; as a woman creates life in her womb, it is uncomfortable or even painful; for stamina and muscle to develop, there is a period of soreness, and pain. Its evident that we must endure pain, hardships, and discomfort to gain advancement through life, but keep in mind it is only for a moment, and the end result is always greater.

   So today I encourage you to think about those obstacles and hindrances in your life that have been placed in the way of  discovering your purpose and moving into your destiny. Make a conscious decision to move past them, and let them go. That is how you move into your victory, and gain a life full of joy and satisfaction. Do not be content to just exist. You have a greater value than that!!!


Carla Marcelle is a Life and Purpose Coach and regular contributor to Breath Of Life Daily. For more inspirational posts from Coach Carla Stay tuned to her "Wake Up Wednesdays" segment here on BOLD Journal every Wednesday. Subscribe via e-mail and connect with @BOLDJournal on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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