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Execute The Vision God Gave You

"...Write the vision; make it plain on the tablets..." Habakkuk 2:2

It is time for us to wake up from our dreams and actually live it.  We all have dreams and potential goals, but we have kept putting them off for tomorrow.  Next time always turns into tomorrow, tomorrow into next week, and next week into next year. Before we know it, we are still in the same spot and are angry with all our excuses. Excuses are hindrance and lies we tell ourselves because we are scared. 

Have you had a vision in your heart? This vision that your heart desires so deeply is not going to go away until you step in faith and walk BOLDly by faith to execute your vision. Most of us are running away from our calling and life purpose because it would involve us doing something we have never done before. Well, it is time to rise to the challenge set before us and put that vision God has placed on your heart to work.

When we take one step forward in the right direction, then God will take care of the rest. The vision I have for my life has always been to help empower others and teach. For years I listened to what others thought I should do instead of following through with my vision. With doing so, it only made me miserable because I was not executing my vision. Does this sound familiar in any way? If so, you need to make that first step boldly towards your vision.

Below are some points to remember when moving out of your comfort zone and executing your vision:

  • Have a clear defined plan and goal in place. Lack of planning will never result in anything. You do not have to over think each step and how each part will work out. However, you must make a plan and start somewhere and do something. As it states in Habakkuk 2:2, write the vision and make it plain! If you are waiting for tomorrow again to start this, then you have missed the point of executing your vision. Please wake up and make things happen. You will be happier once you start.
  • Do not downplay your vision that you have been given. God knows why He laid it upon your heart to do what you are dreaming of doing. If you are faithful and listening and know His voice you will know this vision is for a reason. Your vision could be interconnected with someone else. You do not need to know the full picture, just stand in faith of why God gave you the vision and execute it.
  • Stop making excuses! Just excuse is valid. When I began blogging I did not have a computer of my own. That did not let me off the hook with God in regards to the vision He gave to me. Blogging was a small step in the right direction of executing my vision. No excuse can get in the way of who God says you are and what He has called you to do. Use the resources that you have at hand and watch God work miracles in your life.
  • Quit believing that your vision is not important enough to help change others. If you are working according to the God's purpose and you are confident in yourself and the abilities that He's given you, then you will make an impact in others life's. Stop believing the lies you tell yourself that what you want to do is not important. No vision is too small or too grand in regards to importance.
  • Do not keep starting and stopping. Be committed and be consistent. When you start something then stop, you are delaying your true progress.  All that time you started and stopped, you could have built your vision into reality.
  • Lastly, stop trying to please people and start working on pleasing God. If you honestly think that those people telling you how to live your life and what your vision should be will help you when you fail, they won't. So follow your heart, follow your vision.  Sometimes we look to others to validate us or talk us out of things.  You will not have to look too hard to find someone who has broken dreams willing to tear down your own.  Continue to pursue God's heart in the matter of your vision instead of man's approval.

Change your thoughts and verbalize what you see in your mind until it comes to pass. Your thoughts and words have power, harness that power for good! Write down your vision and execute them. Believe that God gave you this vision and ultimately it will be used for His glory. So I implore of you today to EXECUTE YOUR VISION!

You will be happy that you did!


Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram: @theconfidentyou 

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