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BOLD-Impact Hosts Alto Adjustment Screening (VIDEO)

by: April D. Byrd

It was very exciting to be able to host the Alto Adjustment Screening at Back-2-School Park Jam presented by From Nothing To Something Productions. I must admit I was a nervous being an event facilitator for the first time. I don't think it when unnoticed as I wanted it to, but we live and we learn... (Then hopefully we grow). 

I'm glad I was able to gain the experience, as BOLD Journal begins to host and sponsor a lot more events in the future. As Brene Brown would say, we've stepped "into the arena".  And Grateful to have been invited for such a worthy cause. "The Alto Adjustment" follows the powerful story of Dainhen Butler, who in misguided youth, ends up in one of the most violent prison facilities in the country, but through the power of education, mentorship, prayer, and positivity has become a multifaceted entrepreneur and resource within the community.

A talented Author, Danhein penned the book: Shawty, and has continued to be a voice of consciousness and overcoming. The Alto Adjustment Documentary was Created by From Nothing To Something Productions Founder Altuawn Nelson. 

If you are a part of youth outreach, school, or organization interested in hosting a screening of the film, contact From Nothing To Something Productions at :

Very Special thanks to Carla Marcelle and Alexander "King" Nelson for helping to take photos, Boys 2 Men Home and Sanctuary For Youth for hosting the event and Everyone in attendance for the support and great commentary. There was a lot of positive feedback! You can check out our coverage in the video below and Subscribe to BOLD-Impact on YouTube for the latest updates, opportunities, and events.

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