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Buy Your Own Flowers

By: April D. Byrd

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection. ~ Gautama Buddha

Someone once bought me flowers and I was extremely happy, later after the relationship didn't work. I realized that It was that gesture that I liked most, so instead of being sad. I thought: "why don't I buy my own"? It was a liberating thought that slightly changed my outlook on life. "Buy Your Own Flowers". We're not dependent on anyone. No one created our lives, so we shouldn't expect anyone to be a source of it. Instead let self-esteem and love blossom from the inside.  So many times we may wait to be honored or acknowledged by people.

Don't wait to be celebrated, loved, accepted, affirmed by anybody. When people see you've upgraded your life and doing well, they take notice. If you celebrate your value and your worth then others will too. Even if some don't it still doesn't matter.  Everything you need already comes from the inside of you. Loving yourself right first, causes everything else to fall into place. You will expect good treatment from others, because you treat yourself well. Make sure you love what you see in the mirror first, and dress up for yourself.

Sometimes we may feel lonely or expect love from others in return for our own, but its best to love with no expectations give from ourselves wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return. The ability to love without attachment comes from self-love. Self-discipline ignites from the flame of  self-love and makes achieving success much easier. In taking the initiative to buy my own flowers, pretty soon i'll have my own garden, and it will be filled with enough beauty inside to share with the world.

Celebrate yourself, Feel free to buy your own flowers (literally) and decorate your own soul, there are few things that are more liberating than realizing that you're worth everything.

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