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The Weeds Among Us

(Matthew 13: 1-30)

The word of God is a seed when planted and watered grows to be great! Remember the parable of the sower? 

Some seed fell along the path, some fell on shallow rocky ground some was choked up, and some fell on good ground. We have to make sure our ground is good and fertile. that comes in focusing solely on God and His Word. Focus promotes fertility! 

There is power in studying, staying up to date and current in the word. When we bother to take care of the word God has given us we will yield and reap great benefits. Build and let the life grow in you! Stay grounded, and have an active prayer life. God's word never expires or returns to Him void. Make sure to stay current in it! Rise as good crop children of God!

Even though there may be weeds and negativity around you, Still continue to rise and shine! It's your season!


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