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Coach Jennifer: "You Will Make It!"

Encouraging, Positive words shared from Coach Jennifer on her Facebook.

"I know you have been in this position for so long, your critics have had a field day at your expense, your friends have spread thin and you feel all alone but hear me! You are never alone because God is always right there with you. If you look close enough there is someone still standing with you, be thankful and the end is not here because you are still standing. God will surprise all your critics by proving them wrong! your thinning friends by showing them your healing and prosperity and YOU by showing you his faithfulness. Stay strong! The Lord will deliver you with his out stretched RIGHT hand. Psalms 18 is for you today. read it.
You will make it because God said so and you are going to arise with boldness and go forth without fear because you heard him and you believe. This week you will excel and come into an abundance of blessings. Stay focused."
Coach Jennifer also came from Matthew 18 in her awesome Sunday message:
 "It's Not Personal" Check It Out!

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