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Coach Jennifer: "It's Not Personal"

Trying circumstances happen to everyone regardless of who we are. What we personally believe and how  our thought process works determine how we we react to those circumstances and the overall flow of our daily lives. In this Lesson "It's Not Personal" Coach Jennifer instructs how we can strategically work with, go around , or leap over obstacles; Also, how we can use revelation and right thinking to move toward authentic success and be fulfilled in our specific purpose.

Psalms 18: 28-31
The war is impersonal. Obstruction is not personal. Leap over it, go round it or go through it. God is not interested in people that put their hand to the plow and then look back to the side. When people betray you, you don't have the power to bring them back, but you have the power to move on with your life. Betrayal, death, riches, wealth, all were here before we got here. Stop treating life as though as though its after you.
Key Points:
Depend on the revelation of the word of God and what your true self believes.
you, your mind, and your belief system and what you're trusting God for should should line up. there has to be synchronicity.
Right thinking is thinking which is based on truth and not illusion. It is the foundation which determines the solidity of all other thinking.
  • positive thinking and negative thinking are both filtered through our belief systems.
  • truth does not care what your belief system is. the world operates on principles and laws. it doesn't matter if you're a Christian or a non-christian the principles and laws are the same.
  • God put the law of gravity in place.
  • Your decisions and choices have consequences.
  • Right thinking comes from being aware of the truth or reality of a situation.
  • God's blessing is already declared its up to you what kind of vessel you come with to life. (ex: spoon, bowl, bucket etc.)
  • No amount of inspiration. motivation will solve your problems if you keep looking outside of you for solutions. the first place to start and succeed is to shut everything off and focus inward.
  • God is (inside) of you.
  • hypocrisy doesn't work authenticity does.
  • your mind attracts whatever is familiar to itself.
  • God knows ALL, our job is to learn to listen. (As for God... Psalms 18:30)
  • His way brings truth to the circumstance.
  • God speaks through revelation. light and understanding.
  • the word that causes light is revelation
  • to the extent your revelation goes is to the extent that your life and understanding go.
  • transformation is dependent on revelation
  • the word of God comes in three forms: revelation, spoken word, and commandments of the Lord. commandments are written.
  • what transforms us is revelation... "you can never not know what you know."

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