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How To Stay Motivated For Your Business and Purpose

There are many types of people in terms of how we do things. They are those who are starters, they do well as long as its a new project, they thrive on taking risks, but get bored in the middle of the project and look for something new to do. They are middle people they only want to get involved in something when someone else has got it going and they can see the direction it is going because they are scared to take the risk of a starter. Then they are those who are finishers, they love to bring things to a conclusive powerful finish, that's what excites them, the momentum of taking something that seems to be losing momentum and give it life to its powerful finish.

In order for one To do business and be successful, one must find out what type of person they are so they can learn how to creatively turn all the stages of their business into their preferred style of doing business, be it the start, middle or finishing stage of the process of building a business. Be creative in surrounding your self with people that are different from you but fill in the parts you miss. Remember we are most comfortable with people that are a lot like us but disagree with people that are different from us because they are a contradiction. In business and ministry you need that contradiction to produce at unexpected powerful levels.

Once you get started don't get distracted by the pettiness of what you consider to be failure. As long as you are working your business and turning up passionately, enthusiasticly and full of vision. Keep your focus and learn new ways of doing things every day and become innovative, but never develop a pessimistic view or a wrong way of thinking. Stay on the path and keep improving even if it is by one point. Be thankful and stay skilled it will all come together. You will achieve your goals at the least expected time. Stay lost in your cause. Tell your circumstances to chill, "God and I got this".

--Coach Jennifer

photo credit: ehow

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