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And I...

One of my favorite Mary Mary songs- actually, one of my favorite worship songs, period- was never a hit single. I actually never heard it played on the radio, either. Yet, once I heard it that first time back in 2005, I fell in love. Take a listen.

Besides sisters Erica and Tina Campbell's gorgeous vocals and the hypnotizing melody, "And I" contains some incredibly strong lyrics. First, Kirk Franklin sets up the first verse by saying "as we attempt to acknowledge how powerful You are." Yes, we can only attempt to acknowledge God's greatness. Then the song begins in earnest:

There's a name so powerful words can't describe
When spoken demons tremble
And all creation must bow down

 Jesus, the name above all names. Even the demons tremble at Jesus' Lordship. In the presence of such awesomeness, all of creation must worship. The song continues:

Awesome are your ways
Everyday the same
And majesty is your name

And then the hook:

And I give you all my worship
And I wanna sing your praise
And I long to honor you more than yesterday

 That hook, which is repeated throughout the song, inspires and directs me. Recognizing God's greatness- His love, mercy and omnipotence- I become increasingly aware of my own fallen nature. No matter what I possess, it will never compare to the glory of the Lord. So what then, can I offer up, being that frankincense, gold and myrrh has already been given?


My worship.
Hopes and desires.
Gifts and talents.
Today and tomorrow.
God wants me. God wants you. All of you. Are you willing to give all of you to Him?

-Alisha De Freitas 

read more from Alisha at her blog East of Eden.

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