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Standing on the words of my Fathers


"When I first walked out of the airport, God's presence and peace saturated my spirit through the glorious morning sunlight...there just seemed to be an unusual calm in the air.  The temperature was perfect and the welcome from our guides and fellow missionaries was warm and energetic. I recognized in my heart that this was a time planned just for me by God. I had nothing but tears of joy as I walked through this beautiful land with a gentle breeze wiping away my joyful tears and looked about the blessed spirited smiling faces. To be in the presence of God in such a powerful way was a life moment I will never forget." Said Missionary Susan W. Fletcher about arriving in Kenya on her 5th mission trip.

Susan Westbrook Fletcher lives within the words of Galatians 5:1 as she travels the world as a missionary and serves as a Deaconess while operating within several programs at The People's Community Baptist Church , and has bravely returned to get her Master's degree in Counseling while publishing her first book Yes! Confess Success . 

Susan was adopted at 2 weeks old  by a God fearing couple Fred and Carrie Westbrook who surrounded her and other adopted siblings with love, encouragement, and prayer. Their love and strength as a family transcended racism, legitimacy questions, and invoked a desire for greatness. When she was in grade school she was told by seemingly religious racist nun 'I don't care how smart you think you are, you will never be good enough.' The nun was respectfully and vigorously told otherwise by Fred Westbrook, which changed her racist perspective, and invoked confidence in Susan to seek higher education and pledge as a legacy to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. Susan went on to receive  2 Bachelors Degrees from Howard University and University of Maryland, start her own international accounting firm, become a real estate agent, and was blessed with her two daughters born ten years apart. Then a surprise blessing of her grandson, who she affectionately calls 'The Prince'. Unfortunately during her decades of success her powerful Father was called home and her elegant mother slowly slipped into Alzheimer's and passed away in 2005.  However she found strength in her Mother Carrie, because although her memory was slowly depleting and her life's journey came to a close her faith never wavered. She praised God on the way out the door of life and it was obvious that she was welcomed by her Heavenly Father on the right and the loving hand of her husband on the left. As a child whenever she did something wrong her Father would take her on a long drive, never yell, but sternly dissect her reasoning as to why she did what she did. Then he would calmly ask, 'If you had to do it again what would you do?'. So now with an empty nest, a fresh perspective, and the words of her Father replaying in her mind she chose to embrace a new start in her life.

Starting in 2009 Susan willingly put her comfortable desk job aside to serve God as a missionary in Egypt with Project Destiny, two trips to Ghana with Shalom Outreach, Guatemalan orphanage and senior home, and finally her latest trip to Kenya. She was able to fulfill lifelong dreams of waking up on the side of the mountains with sun beaming over the sea, visiting ancient wonders, and most of all being uplifted by the spiritual movement around and in her. In her latest trip she gained an understanding about the power of the Holy Spirit and how it moves in our youth. 

"We were allowed to walk the streets to pray an witness with many. Some were impoverished and reaching out their hands in despair, while others were more abundant and both accepted willingly accepted Christ.  Whether we prayed and witnessed to one or a group they all felt God's love and expressed their gratitude. The mother of a boy who was born without having the use of his legs, invited me into her home to pray for her son.  We approached him, prayed with him, and then walked away. When we came back up the road he had climbed up a pole then smiled and waved at us, " Susan tearfully explained, "He found joy in the Lord and all I could do was clap and try to hide the tears running down my face. That taught me even though you are at the bottom there is always joy in the Lord. My God- "Said Susan resisting the urge to praise.


All of her travels and professional experience inspired her to create the meditation journal Yes! Confess Success. While on her mission trips she noticed that many of the people had a relationship with God that was the size of a mustard seed. Instead of forcing the Christian faith on those she witnessed to, she decided to create a journal that was filled with original prayers and meditations to stimulate spiritual growth in new Christians. The journal is also filled with spaces to write down personal prayers and meditations and build a further faith in God. Susan has also created a Facebook page  to give encouraging tips to entrepreneurs, mothers, fellow missionaries, and women of God. The page has reached as many as 20 or more countries and in her humble prayers blessed them. She has been previously featured as as an author on Christian Stay at Home Moms  and plans to write another book in the near future.

Susan is not done yet! She has decided to return to get her Master's Degree in counseling in order to create another business, in which she assists those who do not have someone to care for them and are in need of a Friend of the Family. Stand by for the wonderful news of that venture. Everyday that Susan wakes up it is a new adventure. Whether attending school, organizing with all of the ministries at her church, or taking the time to sit with someone and pray. She was blessed to have her first life where she learned the power of family love no matter the formation, how to be a mother and career woman, and finally how to surrender to pray. Now she is able to apply her lessons in a blessed new life standing on her favorite scripture Galatians 5:1 from her Heavenly Father; then resting on the words of her earthly father, "If you had to do it again, what would YOU do?"

"If you are able to wake up and get up every morning praise the Lord and go on."
Susan Westbrook Fletcher



  1. This is an AWESOME article about my mothers life journey, and her unbinding faith in the Lord!! Im so very proud of her as well as my sister for giving an insightful and BEAUTIFUL account of our mothers life thus afr, and I know that success will be no less than abundant for both of them!!!! God Bless

  2. Thanks JasmineFletcher!! Carmen wrote a beautiful post!


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