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Rising Above: Aisha Noelle Jones

The "Rise Above" Campaign

Anything Is Possible through Faith and persistence

Are You Rising Above?

Aisha Noelle Jones went from homeless to Higher education. She became the first college graduate in her family. 

From the outside her life looks like a story of disappointments from a lackluster father, to financial battles, being homeless, and getting robbed, Aisha wondered what was next.

However, her life serves as a powerful inspiration. Inspired by her hardworking mother, She worked through school, obtained her degree, got a new home and car and is still basking in the love of a wholesome relationship as well as the love of her family and friends. 

She charges all of her triumph to God and is grateful for the vision of success. 

Aisha is currently featured on the Yes Confess Success: "Rise Above Campaign", sharing her present aspiration of obtaining her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and aiming for her Doctorate in the field. Aisha's Career goal is to become a Principle or a Head Of School.

Kudos and Congratulations to Aisha Noelle Jones!! She is the proof of God's glory and a shining example that we can all RISE ABOVE!!

For more information on Aisha, and the Rise Above Campaign visit:
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