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A Can-Dough Spirit

It's the can-do spirit of others that makes life easier, makes living worthwhile, even if it's for no reason at all.

Some people will go to extremes to be nice and make things work in your favor. Even if the intent is really not for anything.

There are people set up who are so great at their jobs and just purposed to do what they do! One Krispy Kreme worker was happy to oblige a random donut request.

You tuber  Jia Jeng is on a quest to get rejected 100 times in 100 days (for whatever reason). On Day 3, he goes into his local Krispy Kreme with a request he's certain will get a big N-O — asking for doughnuts in the shape of the Olympic rings.

What he didn't count on was the incredible can-do powers of the store manager, Jackie.

Jackie Makes it Happen!

Krispy Kreme Jackie has the heart of an Olympian. It has a very happy ending, and in case you're wondering, Krispy Kreme is aware of their awesomest maker of deep-fried circles of dough.

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  1. Wow, we never know who is watching us huh?
    It is good to be nice to others.


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