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Custom-Fitted Favor

I tend to find usually when someone tells me about an individual, Its different when I meet them for myself. The description I got doesn't exactly line up. Minor points may be right, but it's best to get to know people for ourselves before we pass judgement.

Above all keeping in mind that we have favor with God, therefore favor with men. In all things we are blessed. What someone else couldn't do because of a law or standard may be completely different for you. Trust that you are loved and that the highest power has your best interest in mind, when you seek to put out more of that power into the universe.

We can be successful at what we put our minds to, at any cost. We can do all things by the spirit of Purpose and Overcoming that strengthens us. The favor each individual has on their lives is as authentic and unique as the individual.

The things we hear through "the grapevine" is always gonna be different for us, because every individual has a different perception on life, that also controls their behavior, in turn controlling their experience and outcome.

No matter how different we may be, and the specific favor we may have. We all have one thing in common: The GOD principle. Let the light of God shine in you, because this is whats universally recognized no matter where we are, or who we meet. When it comes to the love of God and being clothed in the armor thats made mention in the word of life, One size fits all.

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