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Music Monday: "One Step At A Time"

Happy Monday!

It's time to start the week off and it's best to start it off right. Strong faith is the central element for positive thinking and it  helps us make it through our daily lives.

Trust and believe All is working for the best, Your faith determines your outcome.

We're  Sharing a favorite song this morning for all the go-getters and grinders. We can have it all, just not at once but we definitely must stay strong a keep going forward.
This song is so fresh! "One Step At A Time" from Sparkle star Jordin Sparks delivers meaningful motivation. Sometimes If we're not really comfortable with ourselves we can get ahead of ourselves for a number of reasons: validation, love, or even to be accepted by other people. This tune is a great reminder that all things happen accordingly and we are the master of our own wholeness and destiny. We have the right to not only be excellent, but to go at our own pace. Everything we need starts in us and with us. Favorite Lyric: "When you need to find the strength, It's your faith that makes you stronger." We do live and we learn and If it's one thing that we truly have in life, it's the gift of being our own truly unique selves in our very own time; so take it step by step.

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