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BOLD Testimony: Shelley Lubben

Shelley Lubben has definitely been through some things. Her story is powerful and in this video she articulates it very well. Feeling the conviction and emotion, she shared her Testimony with the 700 club.

This testimony is really profound and it touched my heart. It shows no matter how deep we go down or how far we stray away from Him, once He saves your life, God's got you and He is always there for you.

Most of all this story shows, the word spoken and recorded is powerful, and life changing; It exemplifies the strength of the gospel and what makes it so important.

This video is a great example that, When you empower someones spirit, you empower everything. Through this testimony power and brilliance really comes through. Shelley definitely has star power and favor on her life. Knowing the Gospel, is vital to the worth and purpose of who we are as individuals. Empowering people makes a big difference in the world. A friend of mine shared this great testimony on Facebook.  Praises to her! There is life in this beautiful story and a confirming word for anyone who believes. It's powerfully B.O.L.D!  For all the things we perceive to be bad in the world, we can always find inspiration at the end. Kudos to Shelley! May she continually find peace and love in God.

If you would like to share or see your testimony on B.O.L.D, e-mail it to  or contact info listed on the page.

Keep being Breath Of Life Daily!

Watch Shelley's Story:

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