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The Help You Don't See

Fresh Perspective
In life we all have issues, and our own detailed problematic history, of course if we're smart we credit all of it for making us stronger. But sometimes its so easy to see what went wrong, that we don't see what went right. My story in particular is that I was an orphan and I felt I was never really loved or taken care of, but one day after hearing a certain quote, I thought  "well what about all the hands that held me and gave me support when I was too young to know what was going on?" 

I'm here, I never had any complications at birth meaning none of the doctors or nurses who passed me along dropped me or anything. It might sound silly, but sometimes its easy to take little things for granted. Actually I've been blessed for as long as I can remember. I did hear a story that my own mother left me on a bus stop bench, I was taken up by a young couple, featured on the evening news and returned safely back home to my grandmother. I may sound like Blanche Dubois, but even now the help and kindness from generous strangers never ceases to amaze me.

In our trials and our trouble there is help we often take for granted or just don't see, and it's in more than just our faith, it's so practical that it can be easy to miss. It's important to be thankful everyday, because we never know all the things we have been protected from, and all the good will that comes our way even if we don't think much of it, for being to focused on what's going wrong.

So here is an official thank you, to all the angels and the saints in the world that helped me, to all the good people who work smart, study hard, and do their jobs with excellence Here's to you!! Thank you for everything! May the eyes of favor, honor, and riches continually look on upon you.

When we operate in purpose and in goodwill our lives are protected even beyond what we can see. So rise with an attitude of gratitude toward God, keep your eyes on the prize and go forward in the blessing. Regardless of everything else when we focus on favor, it's the favor that comes.

Be Blessed.    



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  1. Oh my gosh, April! Wow, your story is amazing!

    Wow. I'm without words!


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