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Christian Fiction

I am so happy to see more Christian film and media genres having major success. Tyler Perry is doing his thing in Hollywood and I am loving all things Sherwood Pictures. I know that I'm super late but, last night I finally watched the movie "Fireproof" that everybody was raving about.

If you have not seen it, you should! "Courageous" is a great movie too, but I especially loved "Fireproof" because it dealt with love and had great depth, as well as meaning. All of them are good movies that show why it's excellent to be empowered by God's love. And they show the raw issues of life, not a lot of pretense.

These movies had me laughing and crying, and inspired me to keep going on the journey. Today's is Friday! That's usually date night or movie night for some people. "Fireproof" is currently on Netflix, so maybe you can chill with loved ones and watch.  They are definitely family friendly!

Be Blessed and Have a Great Weekend!


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