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BOLD Testimony: Kortney Clemons

"Hold On To Your Faith"- Lois Clemons

Kortney Clemons learned a lot from his mom, like "everyday you get an opportunity to make your life better." Even though the former Army soldier lost one of his legs, (while trying to save some one's life), that didn't stop him or slow him down.

With the love and support of his mother and her powerful faith, Kortney is now a U.S. Olympic athlete. He is no longer wearing an Army uniform, but is still representing the nation in a major way.

Kortney and his mom's story is a great inspiration: No matter what you've been through you can win with faith, and continuing to move forward.

Watch as they share their powerful testimony and see Kortney's amazing athletic ability in action:

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  1. Love this testimony! This inspires me very much as I am enlisted in the army with his MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) Combat Medic. Ah Bless his heart and praise the LORD for his mama! We need more mothers like her.


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